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Every project is different just as every client is unique which means the process must be customised, however, it is imperative the process is documented, agreed upon by all involved and then adhered to. This is what we do at Spinoff Digital by, broadly speaking, following these steps:

  • Meet with the client to discuss the project.
  • A brief is written from the client meeting.
  • Spinoff Digital technical and design staff discuss the brief and provide feedback and time estimates.
  • A proposal is prepared for the client. The proposal describes the project in detail, provides delivery times and full costings. It is a fixed price contract.
  • The proposal is sent to the client and a follow up meeting is arranged to answer questions.
  • Spinoff Digital conducts a design brief meeting with the client.
  • Designs are created. These are HTML files so the full impact of the design can be appreciated by the client. Variations of the design are completed for the client to compare. Client feedback is received and the designs are modified until the client is happy.
  • The project goes to coding.
  • After coding the project is tested across all major browsers and devices with corrections and adjustments made before being presented to the client on a test link.
  • The client then provides feedback on the test site.
  • The test site is modified according to the feedback and is put live when the client is happy with the finished product.

Creating websites, apps and web based systems is becoming an increasingly complex business and is obviously something that should not be attempted by those who don’t have the skill but it also should not be attempted by someone who does not have the systems, checks and balances to see that it goes smoothly.