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Spinoff Digital is owned and run by Phil Knight and Amit Sethi who have worked together since 2003. Over the years they have brought together a team of designers, programmers and support staff which have hundreds of successful web development projects to their name. he Spinoff Digital team has developed hundreds of websites, a range of phone apps and web app software including CRMs, Inventory systems, administrative systems and specialised one off industry specific software.

A significant segment of the business is helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas into practical web applications providing the right mix of advice, project scope, design and development to make an idea a reality.

Not ever wanting to stand still Spinoff Digital is now working on projects which include elements of artificial intelligence, predictive analysis and data visualistation.

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Phil Knight | 28 March 2018
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An integral part of the team is Spinoff Digital India (formerly Vibe Tech India) which has been the dedicated programming house for Phil and Amit since 2007 . Founded and managed by Amit’s brother, Ankit Sethi, Spinoff Digital India offers a high level or programming services with proven systems of checks and balances to ensure the attention to detail essential for successful web development.

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