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Do we have any privacy anymore?
Phil Knight | 28 March 2018
With the recent publicity around the data mining of Facebook subscriber personal information most of us would probably say no. There has been a call for people to delete their Facebook accounts, and Elon Musk amongst other high profile people have, but even if you do the data is already stored and h
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What Makes A Good Website
Phil Knight | 19 March 2018
Both a loaded and a vexed question and the answer of course depends on quite a few variables but here are some general points that can be considered. You can do it yourself There are a number of ‘free’ website building platforms around. ‘Free’ because most will have addons that you need to pay for.
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Artificial Intelligence: The Good The Bad And The Speculative
Phil Knight | 14 March 2018
What is artificial intelligence – AI? A simple definition is intelligence demonstrated by machines as compared to that of sentient beings, that is, humans and animals. It could well be argued that machines cannot feel therefore they are not sentient, but they can certainly perform quite compl
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Data Visualisation Making Sense of Your Business Data
Phil Knight | 07 March 2018
What is data visualisation? Data visualisation is something of a current buzz word and like most new labels there is some confusion around just what it means but as with many things in life it is really quite simple and literal. Look at the two words: data, a set of facts or information is a definit
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Cyber Safety At Work
Phil Knight | 01 March 2018
Is the cyber threat to your business real? Thankfully many of us are becoming more switched on when it comes to our personal cyber safety with improved password protocols, automated security updates on our computers and a general improved awareness of possible threats. But, when we are at work it se
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Cloud Computing? What does it really mean.
Phil Knight | 21 February 2018
What is Cloud Computing? The term cloud computing is something of a misnomer. The term suggests there are computers sitting up in the clouds and although this is patently ridiculous many can’t get past the name to understand exactly what it is. Computers can’t sit in clouds but the communications be
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Taking your online startup idea from dream to reality
Phil Knight | 15 February 2018
Getting the idea is the easy part. The news channels often report on online startups that have made their creators millions of dollars so why not hop on the band wagon, however, getting the idea is the easy part. For every successful idea there are thousands of ideas that never went past the brains
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Online Security Are You Playing Your Part?
Phil Knight | 08 February 2018
Is online security only up to internet suppliers? Just how secure are your online accounts? We all have them for banks, insurance, utilities, government services not to mention social media accounts but are you concerned for your online safety? Cyber security is in the news on an increasingly freque
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Does Your Website Have An SSL Certificate?
Phil Knight | 05 February 2018
What is an SSL Certificate? An SSL Certificate is a data file which adds an encrypted key to a website offering an extra layer of security which allows for secure connections from a web server (where your website is hosted) to a browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox etc. You can tell if a site ha
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What’s In The Colour Of A Hat
Phil Knight | 02 February 2018
A white hat, grey hat or black hat. These are well known IT terms and all refer to hackers but firstly what is a hacker? A hacker is someone who works at breaking into a computer, website or IT system by getting around the security measures. Any device (phone, computer including servers, tablet) whi
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What is a Google Business Page?
Phil Knight | 29 January 2018
Do you have a Google Business Page? Well yes you probably do have a Google Business Page even if you have not set one up. Remember it is Google’s aim to collect and index as much information as possible. Google may even go as far as saying they are collecting all information and seeing as you can se
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How To Respond To Online Reviews
Phil Knight | 25 January 2018
Online reviews, good or bad are all part of being online. Never before has the individual had so much media power. Anyone can set up a social media account or simply find a business online and leave a review and in some cases, despite your best customer service efforts, these reviews are bad. It is
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Defined
Phil Knight | 22 January 2018
What is search engine optimisation? Search engine optimisation, commonly abbreviated to SEO, is promoting a website on search engines so the website displays as high up in the search results as possible. The different types of SEO SEO can be broadly divided into three types: Organic SEO – also some
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What is a digital footprint?
Phil Knight | 18 January 2018
A digital footprint is the information about a particular person or business on the Internet as a result of their online activity. Everything you do on the Internet leaves a digital footprint and each of these is stored and adds up to your overall digital footprint. This can be further defined by me
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What Is Digital Marketing?
Phil Knight | 15 January 2018
Putting it simply, digital marketing is taking marketing online. But of course it is rare something can be that simple and digital marketing is one of those instances where it can be complicated so make sure you choose your digital marketing partner carefully. Digital marketing should be approached
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What’s In A Name
Phil Knight | 07 January 2018
What’s in a domain name to be precise. After you have decided to set up a website the next thing you need to do is buy a domain name. This can be harder than you might think as finding one which is available can be difficult especially if you want it to match a business name. So how do you find if a
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The Internet of Things or IoT
Phil Knight | 03 January 2018
What is the IoT? The Internet of Things simply put relates to common everyday devices such as home appliances, cars even some children’s toys which have network connectivity, over the Net, through embedded electronics, software, sensors and so on. In other words they can talk to each other and to ot
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